June 10, 2010

Colin's first haircut

This past weekend we took Colin to get his first haircut. It was long overdue. Until now, I've been cutting Colin's hair myself--or at least trying to. I wanted his hair to be on the longer side, and I knew that if I took him to a hairdresser they would give him one of those short-short little-boy haircuts, and I didn't want Colin to have a little-boy haircut because he's not a little boy yet. He's still my baby.

But in the past couple of weeks my "baby" has started wiggling like a toddler. And wiggling, and wiggling, and wiggling. I was afraid that the next time I tried to cut his hair, he might just wiggle one of his beautiful eyes right into my scissors. So, after asking all the other mothers of wiggling little boys in our play group for their suggestions, I found out about this chain of hairsalons that caters to children, with chairs that look like motorcycles and carousel ponies and a constant stream of Nickelodeon playing on flat screen TVs.

I had my misgivings--the place was a little over merchandized with cheap, plastic blinky toys (I mean, who really needs a rubber ducky that lights up and talks to you?)--but they have a good business model: in and out in 15 minutes for just $15, and all with a minimum of tears. I do not know how the stylists do it, but it was worth every penny. And even though Colin did wind up with a short-short little-boy haircut, I think it looks pretty wonderful, don't you?


Rachel Rev said...

He looks a bit skeptical at times, but the end result looks great. Such a handsome haircut.

Sarah said...

i like the 2nd from the bottom - looks very nervous. i still can't get over his blondeness :) super cute though (and not too "big boy")

Anonymous said...

Aw, he looks great!

The upside of the short-short hair, and the reason that I request it specifically, it it means that you can go longer between cuts. Given my own toddler's hatred of haircuts, this is a MAJOR plus.