November 16, 2009

Nine months

Colin is nine months old,
-is finally crawling like a big boy (on his knees, instead of like G.I. Joe),
-can pull himself up into a stand,
-is opening and closing doors -- and taking the lid of the garbage can (yuk),
-is a really terrible sleeper again, and hates to eat anything that isn't made of starch,
-like having an audience while he plays,
-plays with dirt, throws his food, and likes making farting noises with his mouth (typical boy),
-loves playing with his colored blocks and his wooden alligator,
-is really into pointing, but especially at lights and "the little boy who lives in the mirror"
-has learned to "share." This last one is limited to offering you a taste of his wet wash cloth when he's bathing, after he's been sucking on it for a while. It is so cute, I find it hard to resist, although I've had so much warm bath water to drink in the past few weeks I think I might throw up.


TheCluelessCrafter said...

Sarah, when I saw on Amber's blog that you were "constitutionally" unable to knit or crochet, I had to stop by. I love how dramatic that sounds and just might have to take that up as by credo!

What a lovely family you have!

Sarah said...

2nd from the bottom, sucking thumb but not the close up - my fav!