April 23, 2009

Thank you, Craig and Rachel ...

... for Sunday brunch.

Our friends Craig (and physicist) and Rachel (a pastor) came over for brunch on Sunday and brought the brunch with them! These are also the same friends who gave us two of the most most creative -- and useful -- gifts when Colin was born: our very own crock pot (we had never owned one) and a "bottomless casserole dish," which Rachel refilled for us several times with her wonderful cooking.

Unfortunately, that casserole dish isn't making any more trips to our house (at least not until we have another baby), but the crock pot is getting a lot of use. I'm learning all sorts of easy crock pot recipes so that I can continue feeding my family once I head back to work next week. Like the Bible says, "Give the man a casserole dish, you feed him for a meal. Give him a crock pot, and feed him for a lifetime."

Thanks again, Craig and Rachel. You are welcome to bring brunch to our house any time! ;)

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