March 10, 2009

Learning and growing

At six weeks Colin is starting to show a little more interest in the world -- beyond feedings and diaper changes, that is. This week we started putting him on the floor under his play gym (a great loaner from our friend and neighbor Alexa), and much to our surprise, he was fascinated by the dangling animals and mirrors. He could even reach up and bat at them with his fists! It's amazing how quickly babies grow and change. Last week, when we put him down, he'd just lie there like a slug for a few minutes before bursting into tears and demanding to be cuddled again. Now we can put him down for up to 15 minutes at a time -- long enough for his mama to take a shower or change out of her pajamas or even make a cup of coffee ... although its still not enough time for her to drink her cup of coffee. Maybe next week ...

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