February 26, 2009

Morning Light

I was never much of a morning person before I became a mother, but now it's my favorite time of day. I used to dread the morning and the ringing of my six o'clock alarm, pulling me out of a peaceful slumber to face the cold walk to the bus stop and a long day of work. Now, I look forward to six o'clock because it signals the end of another sleepless night of fussing, feeding, and diaper changing. When morning comes, Kevin is there to take the baby for an hour or so while I shower, get some breakfast, and rest my arms, which are weary from having held a baby all night long.

Then after he leaves -- and I have to force myself every morning not to beg him to stay -- there is that brief morning lull, where Colin will actually sleep in his bassinet by himself, instead of having to be held in order to sleep. Probably, he's just as worn out by the sleepless nights as I am. And during that morning lull (it only lasts about half an hour), I can watch the sun creep up over my neighbor's treetops while drinking my morning cup of coffee. Before I became a mother, I don't think I had seen a sunrise in over a year, which is too bad, because it really is the most beautiful time of day.

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