February 3, 2009

Mae Mae's visit

While Kevin was away at his conference, Grandmother Marianne (aka "Mae Mae") came to stay with us and take care of us and keep the household from descending into complete chaos. Even more than usual, the woman who only stops when she's asleep was a whirlwind of activity and productivity. In addition to doing the dishes and the laundry and walking the dog in -20 temperatures, she completely updated and improved the house: reorganizing the closets and cupboards, finding hidden cubbies, taking us to Ikea for a few "essential" pieces of furniture, reupholstering said furniture, and giving the whole household a sewing lesson.

But even more than that, she was the ultimate mom and grandmother: changing countless dirty diapers, showing us how to bathe a newborn, and waking up to take over the 5:00 a.m. "fussies." She was always there to hold Colin, and she was there during that midnight rush to the emergency room to hold our hand and promise that everything would be all right. And it was.

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