August 7, 2007

And the Oscar goes to ...

Lest you think that I just sit around all day blogging and eating bon-bons, let me remind everyone that I really spend 4 hours everyday in German class. And here's the evidence to prove it:

Actually, that might not be the best case for my defense. I'm not really as drunk as I look here (that's acting!), and my German accent is usually a lot better than that. I was just nervous about having to film that scene in the busiest café on the most touristy street in Würzburg.

Anyway, I case you're wondering, these were clips are from a project I did with friends from my German class. The semester's almost over, and as a farewell gift to our beloved teacher, who's retiring this year, we've made her a video outlining all the things she's taught us. Each student gets to say something. They whole thing runs about 20 minutes. Some of the skits are earnest, but most like the ones above are meant to be funny. And as writer, director, and *star*, my goal is to make sure there's not a dry eye left in the house -- one way or another.

(Credits for the video clips here go to my friends Eunkyung, Erika, Sergey, and of course, yours truly.)

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