May 22, 2007

A Summer's Day in Sommerhausen

Paul has just left after a jam-packed weekend. Unfortunately, his visit happened to coincide with the "Umpteenth Annual German Musik Festival," when the city was completely over-run with marching bands in full regalia. An estimated 100,000 people were in town, and since we neither enjoy crowds nor marching bands, we lit out for the country. After all, a little marching band music goes a long way.

On Saturday, we rented bikes and rode about 20 kilometers along the Main to Sommerhausen, that pretty little wine village Kevin and I visited back in February. Even in summer it's a sleepy little town with nothing but antique stores and cafés, and we made our way through a selection of the latter, visiting no less than three different establishments in search of their best local wine, beer, and champagne cocktails. Afterwards we stumbled upon a wedding in progress and had our pictures taken with the honeymoon chariot: a 1930’s Rolls Royce. Finally, too tired (or tipsy) to ride the 20 kilometers back to Würzburg, we took a nap on the grassy riverbank. (Don’t worry, Mom. They don’t have ticks and chiggers in Germany.)

Back home in Würzburg, Paul and I visited the museums at the Festung and the gardens at the Residenz. And since he’s a big fan of German cuisine, we ate our way across the city, sampling a few of his “favorite things”: bratwursts, rostbraten, schnitzels and strudels. I very admirably refrained from bursting out the Rogers & Hammerstein. All in all, a wonderful weekend, and it will only take me most of this week to recover from it.

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