April 7, 2007

Two Kids in a Candy Store

Of the many reasons Kevin and I were excited about moving to Germany, high up on the list was the easy availability of Kinder Egg Surprises (Kinder Ɯberraschung, in German), those ingenious chocolate eggs that open to reveal plastic yellow “yolks” that open to reveal tiny plastic pieces that can be assembled to into little mechanized toys. Truly the height of German engineering!

Kevin grew up on Kinder Eggs, and later introduced them to me when we backpacked Europe together, back in 2002. But they are nearly impossible to get in the States. The only place I was ever able to find them was the Sugar Shack on Newbury Street, where they sell for $3.50 a piece. In Europe they are sold everywhere and for only 0,50 euro.

But after three months of having all the Kinder Eggs we could ever want, some of the “surprise” had worn off. Then for Easter, the stores introduced Giant Kinder Eggs – easily 10 times larger than the original chocolates with even bigger, better toys! Check it out: (For comparison, I’ve placed it next to my Ostrich egg -- also available in German stores.)


s.e.razer said...

those are the biggest pieces of chocolate ever! well done! happy easter and enjoy your toys, and your candy.

christopherowheat said...

Dr. Z would be proud.